Saturday 28 July 2007

A superior alternative to Turbo C/C++

Time and again I have advised newbies just starting out with C/C++ programming to just stay away from the evil Turbo C/C++ IDE/Compilers. But I realize that the Turbo C/C++ compilers have a very luring graphics library (I am an ex addict myself!) which makes it all the more difficult to make the transition to more saner and competent platforms such as the GNU C++ etc compilers.

Also it would be unfair to ask a beginner in C++ to master the intricacies of GDI/DirectX programming while just starting out with C++!

But don't despair there is an easy way out...

I recommend that newbies checkout the awesome C++ IDE Quincy 2005 from none other Al Stevens himself. Here is a link to it. It comes bundled along with the awesome WinBGIm turbo C/C++ graphics library which has the same API as the turbo C/C++ library. People familiar with the turbo C++ graphics functions will feel right at home with it. Further more you enjoy the comfort of "graphics.h" programming in a 32bit standards compliant environment. Not just that now your graphics programs are not artificially limited to the color and resolution restrictions imposed by the turbo C++ compilers/libraries. You can code in true color (~16 million colors) or better now!

I hope this will persuade all people addicted to Turbo C++ to move to a saner platform.

UPDATE: Since then I have found that Visual Studio C++ Express edition is another alternative certainly worthy of consideration.

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